Its an enhanced banking card which allows a customer withdraw cash from domestic and international ATM’s as well as making purchases in outlets without hassles of carrying cash.


With TemboCardMasterCard you can have access to your account 24 hours a day whenever and wherever.

  • Withdraw cash at more than 1 million ATM’s globally
  • Make purchase at more than 30 million merchants where MasterCard is accepted
  • Pay recurring bills
  • Shop world wide
  • You can track your expenses as your CRDB Bank account will have the list of all purchases made including date, time spent and name of a merchant.


  • making everyday purchases without troubles of carrying hard cash.
  • Access to account when at home or abroad, 24 hours a day.Deposit, withdraw, and transfer of money from your account to another account at branches and ATM’s.
  • Enjoyment of added security and protection as using TemboCardMaserCard is safer than carrying cash. Shopping with confidence knowing that you are protected. If your card number is used without your permission you will have zero liability, for unauthorized purchases.
  • TemboCardMasterCard simplifies record keeping as each time you use for a purchase or transaction information about that, will be listed to your CRDB Bank account statement. This helps easy tracking of your spending and managing of your budget.
  • Using TemboCardMasterCard you save time and cost e.g. the automatic payment of bills and utilities via the card, it saves costs and time.



TemboCardVisa provides instant and safe access to your bank account from any place and at any time. TemboCardVisa is secured by the VISA Electron assurance and is globally accepted as a mode of paying electronically – through any VISA affiliated merchant outlet or VISA affiliated ATM worldwide.

Features and Benefits

  • Free TemboCardVisa
  • Pay for your purchases conveniently using TemboCardVisa
  • Pay for online shopping and transactions
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Additional Safety due to electronic only usage
  • Instant access to funds in your bank account
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts at CRDB Bank ATMs
  • Request a mini statement through CRDB Bank ATMs

TemboCardVisa Gold

TemboCardVisa Gold offers a host of additional conveniences and prestige value to the customer.

Features and Benefits

  • Free TemboCard Visa Gold.
  • Worldwide acceptance.
  • Can be linked to your four different CRDB Bank accounts with same client number.
  • Daily withdrawal limit of up to TZS 3m.
  • Withdrawal limit can be increased to TZS 10m upon written request.
  • Can be used at POS and Internet for payment of goods and services.
  • Can be used on off-line mode at shopping outlets using manual imprinters.
  • Allow offline transactions of USD 1,000 or equivalent on ATMs and POS
  • Exclusive services at Premier Centre and branch.
  • Emergence replacement of card: In event of loss or stolen card, the card will immediately be replaced when reported to the Bank.

Prepaid Cards

TANAPA TemboCard

In arrangement with Tanzania National Parks, CRDB Bank developed TANAPA prepaid card to allow tour operators make payments of park fees

Features and Benefits

  • Safer and more convenient – tour operators don’t have to carry cash
  • Enhances the safety of tourists
  • You cannot spend more than the amount loaded onto the TANAPA prepaid card
  • Every transaction is printed on your bank statement
  • Highly secure

TRA – TemboCard
This is a proprietary CRDB Bank card designed specifically to facilitate import duty and other tax collection by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) at all border stations. CRDB Bank TRA – TemboCard can only be used at a Tanzania Revenue Authority point of sale, specifically designed for cash collection. It is re-loadable.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of cash handling
  • Enhanced security
  • Convenient and easy access to cash or payments
  • On time tax payments
  • Improved flexibility

TemboCard fuel
CRDB Bank TemboCard fuel is a single purpose card used to purchase fuel from any service station that accepts TemboCard.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience of not having to carry cash for fuel
  • Enhanced security
  • Less paperwork
  • Discounts
  • Theft and pilferage control
  • Saves time and resources
  • Exclusively for fuel purchase, easing the task of keeping track of bills

Saccoss TemboCard
This is a card specifically designed to facilitate payments and cash handlings from non account holders and members of Saccoss. Saccoss members who are not CRDB Bank account holders can simply load cash onto this card and facilitate payments, ATM withdrawals or cash back in any CRDB Bank point of sale.

Benefits and Features

  • Secure way of handling cash
  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced security
  • Risk free
  • Less paperwork