CRDB Bank celebrates 2011 family day with 400 newly employed workers

CRDB Bank has offered employment to 400  Tanzanians this year as the bank expand its network and offer more service to its customers.
CRDB Bank Managing Director Dr. Charles Kimei said despite current economy problems, including high inflation and weak shillings, the bank has continue to employ workers as part of effort to improve service and reach more areas in the country.

The bank had 1,673 employees as of September. Its branch network increased from 60 in September last year to 72 this year.
Speaking to reporters at the CRDB Bank’s family day Bonanza Dr. Kimei said most of the employees were fresh graduates from local universities.
CRDB Bank is the largest bank in the country in term of deposits having in its accounts about Sh. 2.3 trillion as of September.

‘‘The opportunity we have today is to enable old employees and the newly recruited get together, know each other and share ideas,’’ he said
Dr Kimei also said the Bank’s profit reached Sh. 45 billion in the first nine months of this year. ‘‘We are proud of the financial performance and we promise to continue providing employment to more Tanzanians,’’ he said.



CRDB Bank Managing Director Dr. Charles Kimei stresses point during CRDB Bank's family day held at Kunduchi Wet 'n' Wild in Dar es Salaam.